Simplify with Praying Mantis

The praying mantis has much to share… but for today let us hear from the heart. As a treasured dispenser of wisdom and wonder the praying mantis would have us consider the importance of deep listening. Praying mantis hears with only one “ear” and this singular hearing mechanism is located in the animal’s chest. 


Today take more time to focus on hearing like praying mantis. This doesn’t mean you have to block out the world around you, just try to tune into the one within you a little more. You could be missing out on a serenade too beautiful for words that simply sings to you, or a long forgotten favorite that has only sweetened with time. 




YOU ARE ROCKET SCIENCE (A Brief Guide to Fueling the Fire)

They know you hold the key to what makes the stars sparkle in the night and since they can’t bear your heat or your heavenly sight, know they work diligently to keep you from your inevitable ignite.


   Elton John knew what was up: our truest self is much like a candle, providing illumination and warmth in an otherwise cold and dark world. Our spirit could be considered the flame, our inner light that spreads brightness all around; and giving sight in the confusion of blackness. But what about when our flame dwindles and all we can think about is the ultimate extinguish? How can we not consider this ultimate blackout, given our advantage of being able to know that like wax  and wicks our own flesh and bone will one day disappear from the world we now inhabit? Although John created a beautiful analogy of the troubled soul and the wind-plagued flame, he only focused on the moment of demise; the climax of all those blustery days and nights that the darkness swore it would overtake, eventually doing so after bluffing for a lifetime or so. Wind also spreads fire. If your candle would venture out to the lands of brush and lightening, the vast belly and breast of the  wilderness where fire is both enemy and lover then your chances of becoming extinguished would increase, while your probability to spread and grow would exponentially rise.
   Something to consider, especially when the artificial aspects of your life began to feel more like a dull death than a liberating convenience. Going outside, and especially to places still retaining the instruments of ecology: grass, bodies of water, flowers, trees, rocks, etc. could be surprisingly healing for you, not because you’re a far-out vegan or even one who enjoys hiking or camping. The peace and roundedness you gain from planting yourself in the unspoiled natural world for even a few minutes is, I assure you is nothing but basic chemistry. How are we to feel our purest and most potent when living in a foreign and pseudo ecosystem?
   And water? Sure it puts out fire, but speaking of artificial environments let’s not underestimate the adaptability given in the oddest circumstances to every creature. The upside to the chemist-gone-rogue venture that is industrialized living is the wildcard factor. Sure water extinguishes regular fires, the kind our troglodytic ancestors huddled about. But like themselves their fires were simple and uncomplicated, consisting of detrius and not much more. Today things are not so simple, and not so hard; a variation of safety and apathy, cosmic enlightenment and suburban sprawl. If one used water to control a chemical fire or electrical fire or even combustible metal fire it may only become greater and more powerful when doused with H2O. The real question is what kind of flame do you have? Is it seeped in chemicals that behave unpredictably or is it infused with lightening-like energy that is as mysterious as it is ruthless? Or could you even burn in the newest fire category D that is represented by fire professionals as a star? This category consists of combustible metals usually only used by those shaping our lives by innovating our technologies. Sometimes the simple overuse of blankets can kill the fire, and other times a man-made chemical soup will do. Then again there are times when there is nothing left to do but let it burn itself out.
   But isn’t the point we’re trying to increase our self-contained glow, making our mini-brilliance brighter and bolder? Well, if that truly is the case then we have to ask ourselves how big of a flame is too big? And how luminescent do we wish to become? And are we concerned with how fast our waxy shell survives? And if we do increase our tea light to a tiki torch can we adjust to the heat? To conclude I’ll propose that an appropriate analogy it may have once been, we are now in an era of gas grills and communal fire pits. Our light is more easily merged with others and not so easily contained, while the winds have increased and the rain comes in sheets.
   So DO NOT FEAR wind or water because YOU are NOT your mother’s candle. That would be like saying a chariot is the equivalent of a Chevy. No, today you are something far more vast, far more dazzling, and far more equipped to deflagrate. Yeah, times are tough in a doomsdayie sort-of-way, but don’t you dare fool yourself into believing that so are you. A candle!? Ha! Is it 1842??! You, dear one are a product of the best of old and the greatness of new. You are an alchemy gem, an electrical light show and yes, you propel expansion because YOU ARE ROCKET SCIENCE; metallically born to explode and propel even the weightiest of objects into the vast reaches of outer space. They will try to convince you your inborn photon blaze is small, separate and scared of a breeze or dewdrop. DO NOT LISTEN TO SUCH NONSENSE! They despise you since they have not that sacred spark. They are like lightbulbs and there is no mass lightbulb awaiting them. Their only hope to avoid the void they chose for themselves long ago is to stifle the true beacons in an attempt to separate them from The Father Flame. They know you hold the key to what makes the stars sparkle in the night and since they can’t bear your heat or your heavenly sight, know they work diligently to keep you from your inevitable ignite.  



Look Who’s Coming To Dinner…


Have you ever known someone, meant someone, or even seen someone that was somehow different than every other person you’d encountered before? Perhaps it wasn’t even so much the person as the situation that person suddenly came to you in, be it disaster or desirable. But one thing is certain, your innermost instincts perked up and pointed out that there was something very special going on… if only we knew what that was. 

What makes you think you haven’t meant an angel before? Would that be too fantastic, too far-fetched, too unlikely? Not according to the stories of old from nearly any culture, let alone the Bible itself. The word mal’ak was first used to designate what we call angels today. In essence it means messenger. Do you not deserve messages from your Creator? Are you merely too unimportant, too overburdened with the real world, or too unbelieving altogether? Or is it that you may feel foolish and appear unstable (more so than normal) if you were to make mention of these suspicions to others… yourself? 

When you consider the fantastic qualities of the universe, the innumerable enigmas that constitute existence, and the very conception of reality itself it is clear why messengers may be needed. They may be there to subconsciously rile up some great remembrance in you, or perhaps to pull you from a burning building when no one else can. Maybe they come to you in dreams to offer you comfort when a loved one passes or place an order online to your struggling business just before you go under. Regardless of their timing or your perception of them I certainly wouldn’t rule them out. Not only would you be doing yourself a great disservice by denying this type of heavenly visitation, you may also be blowing your shot for some yet undeveloped blessing.

I’m not saying to go about your day in fear of your fellow man being a possible host of the Supreme One, but rather go about your day in the hopes that they are! For too long man has let the fear of the fallen ones get to them; burning women and impaling cats as a gesture of their godliness and true devotion to good. What if we began seeing the opposite, the other 2/3 of heavenly beings all around us, conspiring to bestow great things to us if only we accepted? Not only would the world become more magical to us but we will become more magical to it as well. What message do your angels have for you today?


10 Things Everyone Needs To Know*


Remember the universal law that energy can only be recycled and not destroyed? That’s cause the essence of all- and I mean ALL- is but love. It may help you to imagine the physical plane and existence itself as a stylized dynamic field of wave patterns. In times of despair, fear, and apathy it may help you to visualize love radiating from the center of your chest and eventually your entire being as actual moving waves. Love is like a tsunami of energy whereas other emotions mere ripples. *Energy, anti-matter, and black holes, etc. are in essence but of the same dominating wave pattern that not only supersedes all others in this universe and others, but also created what our minds may grasp as the material world. 


Death is good. Although it is overall a positive aspect of the human mind not to dwell upon this fact, at times it very much is. Since obviously it is a rather complicated and hefty topic simplicity is key. Just remember when those you love past, it is you that hurts most. And, as you head down that deep dark rabbit hole, which of course YOU WILL, smile and open your heart to a love beyond comprehension; a matrix that was home all along. *Bad energy is well, bad, but the expectation of that “bad” is worse still. Just as life is an adventure and practice in dealing with circumstances as much as it is in creating them, what makes us believe our own deaths are not this to a far greater degree??


Psychology, metaphysics, and the true essence of our existence here and beyond are rather massive matters for the often preoccupied and slow-to-be-disciplined reasoning of the day. As far as lying goes, paranoia about lying, misinformation, and when your own credibility comes into play just try to stay grounded. Although integrity of the internal and external are of great importance for a whole slew of reasons, it helps to know what to expect. It’s not black or white, it just is. Everyone lies. *And that’s ok. We lie to ourselves most of all, and this is sad so then some people keep lying to cover this. 


You are greatly naive and perhaps in danger if you fail to notice the little things in life that whisper to you daily. It may be a series of synchronistic events  (as I always saw as God winking at your progress), a small stoke of luck in your day-to-day, or perhaps a delicate scent on the breeze that hits your cheek unexpectedly; all that matters is that you realize OF COURSE our realm and the heavenly are in constant contact. The more you take note of this super-extraordinary communion with the Supreme One the more direction you’ll receive. If you are more an explorer of the Divine rather than a worshipper I’d suggest just trying to remember these glitches in time and space exist and open up to more. Even quantum mechanics will tell ya’, reality is what you make it and mind really does prevail over matter. Just as dreams abound in Jungian archetypes and great symbolism so does every literal detail of our lives. Ask and messages, signs, visions, etc. will come to your awareness. They are the fabric of what we see to be reality. *Literally, everywhere.


Life isn’t supposed to be simple, and surely it isn’t. So let us cut ourselves and our loved ones some slack. The very origin and details of our species, our planet, and our eternality is an unsettled matter (collectively, if not personally) so why should we become flabbergasted when others misinterpret us, we misunderstand another, or the whole big mess of it all baffles us. Again, faith is key. But faith comes from trials and struggles, uncertainty and the blackest of pits. We are here to think but also to feel. If we focus on the integration of these two often quarrelsome tracks we can walk down a new and better path. *If we can barely can barely understand the beyond-glorious-divine, how can we honestly expect 99.9% of people to understand our selves?


Mountain gorillas exhibit their teeth with mouth’s uncurled and gleeful to relay the same message we do there’s no need to fight. Don’t smile to cover up terrible monsters, smile to make them go away! This means engaging the heart and connecting the body to the mind and spirit. Sycophants exploit smiling. Use yours when you’re lost, when you’re unsure, and often in public. If they are sincere, your world and others will only be benefit from them. If they are not, they will eventually be. Smiling releases endorphins, much like tugging on the earlobe for several seconds. And who couldn’t use some endorphins? *Not out of fear, but inside smiles shine out too.


This will mean something different for everyone… Most basically, time is circular and space is more dynamic than swamp mist. Pray and meditate on Oneness.


*Cause you have to be. If you’re reading this you already are.


There is a vast wealth of knowledge, wisdom and information offered through the various sacred texts of mankind. The Bible is just the ultimate.


We have so much to look forward to and so much to learn and become. *Magnificent youngsters, but youngsters still!




*This portion was original messages. Thanks for reading, and if you enjoyed please comment, share, and subscribe. Blessings to all of you and yours. ❤ ❤ ❤


I remember the warmth and peace when I was about to fall asleep watching late night television with my mom: 

I remember how loneliness would wash over my small body when she was at work at night and my sister was at a friend’s house and the house would be cloaked in darkness, with only the eerie gray glow of the television flickering in the house:I remember being scared of my father and being scared for my brothers and sisters when he was let loose, coming home from treating patients only to become the thing that causes people to seek the psychological repairs he offered to those who paid- but not us: I remember the stable for my “My Little Pony” collection and how excited I was to get it for my 5th birthday:I remember the salon that followed a couple months later for Christmas where I would wash and brush their shiny pastel hair and think to myself how lucky I was. 

                I remember wanting to be a lawyer. 

I remember wanting to be a veterinarian.   

     I remember wanting to be an actress. 

                      I remember wanting to be an abstract expressionist 

and then              a writer                 

                                                and I remember 

                   being incredibly fearful 

                                                       I                would never find my purpose. 


remember dreaming about the Indonesian tsunami before it happened and the grief I experienced when I awoke and heard the news:I remember the first clairvoyant dream I had when I was twelve and my sister brought home a mini case of Marlboros that contained matches just like I had dreamt about a couple of days before:I remember the lights in the Mojave Desert that spoke to me, danced for me, and proved to me there is so much more than electro-magnetic media would have you believe:I remember the feeling of rejection that accompanied this experience, and others after, when I tried to relay it to friends and family. 


I remember hitting my head on the crib and crawling through a crawl space in my old house, the smell of must and magic on the other side where my mother slept after a long night of work:I remember sitting on my brother’s plaid sheets atop his boxy wooden bed that was always a climb, playing “Sorry” with him when my mother came in and announced my grandfather’s death. At four I didn’t understand and went right back to playing the game, confused at my mother’s distant look in the doorway; her heart surely broken…



…And I remember something from ever since I can remember, 

though the accompanying emotions are 

   worn away from time:


    I remember the inborn feeling of being


      A piece of light that goes on a slight downward slope and joins 


with the 


       whole of light 


And I remember remembering the sensation of 


    Wholeness this brought 


      and how different it was than 


       all other memories 


        or even feelings… 

 and I remember at 4 on my parent’s bathroom with a very high fever and having the sensation that I was next 


to something so large I could never comprehend it. 




On Both Sides of the Rainbow.

neon-clouds-anime-beauty-colorful-fantasy-rainbow-sky-unicorn-265313 In the midst of the day’s chemtrails there was the distinct resonance of a rainbow, and hours later another blotted the hazy Southern California skyline. Each was malformed, barely visible to the naked eye, yet perfectly balanced on either side of the huge white sun. It seemed this spectacle was insipid if noticed at all but most other motorists on the packed motorway… But to those that know of the magic and intent of a rainbow, in any form, the message was, is, and always will be perfectly clear: I am the beginning and the end. As soon as this eloquent truth crossed my mind the strange scene that was laced with government conspiracies and  incompleteness suddenly became one of tranquility and eternal truth.

If you’re searching for answers in the sky, the Creator of all the heavens and our earth wishes to apart His undying love and wisdom to you. He is the Alpha, the Omega, the Father, the Son, the One and the Only and Jesus came, went, and is heading here soon so that we may forever be a part of the tapestry that is true, unyielding Love.


    “And regardless of what else you put on, wear love. It’s your basic, all-purpose garment….”

                                                                                                                                                     -Colossians 3:14