Made of stars, moon and the Sun


Without my eyes on you Panthera onca

Your play is as pure as the torch’s touch;

A lamb in fleece upon the snow


Weighted pads of worn romance red carpet silt,

Clay seas parting for oily Moses’ musk

Priest one two, pyro three four,

You, Jaguar, must walk alone



Sun and moon fight endlessly for Jaguar’s starry eyes

Their only requited gaze


Her rosettes must tutor leopards

Tigers, tooth and nail

Lions get the silver screen

But Jaguars guard the gold



When you are black your mysteries run deeper

And you become the stone of the meadow


Your pelt is where pixies hide,

Loved by Saks and the ransackers near and far,

Cars too calloused and women too eaten and starving

To know just what they possess



In reptilian nurseries your legend

Makes pretty little crocodile tears

Scaled fights of flight, Jaguar teaches

The cold-blooded how to fear.


Supple chlorophyll coitus into her arms of vine and bark,

Slit-throat life purveyor I long for you like breathes of eternal spring;


You were not made to look back

Hearts in tulip shade tuft twitch – parabola switch,



I will try to tell them about you

And how when you are gone

There is no need for another dawn.



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