Look Who’s Coming To Dinner…


Have you ever known someone, meant someone, or even seen someone that was somehow different than every other person you’d encountered before? Perhaps it wasn’t even so much the person as the situation that person suddenly came to you in, be it disaster or desirable. But one thing is certain, your innermost instincts perked up and pointed out that there was something very special going on… if only we knew what that was. 

What makes you think you haven’t meant an angel before? Would that be too fantastic, too far-fetched, too unlikely? Not according to the stories of old from nearly any culture, let alone the Bible itself. The word mal’ak was first used to designate what we call angels today. In essence it means messenger. Do you not deserve messages from your Creator? Are you merely too unimportant, too overburdened with the real world, or too unbelieving altogether? Or is it that you may feel foolish and appear unstable (more so than normal) if you were to make mention of these suspicions to others… yourself? 

When you consider the fantastic qualities of the universe, the innumerable enigmas that constitute existence, and the very conception of reality itself it is clear why messengers may be needed. They may be there to subconsciously rile up some great remembrance in you, or perhaps to pull you from a burning building when no one else can. Maybe they come to you in dreams to offer you comfort when a loved one passes or place an order online to your struggling business just before you go under. Regardless of their timing or your perception of them I certainly wouldn’t rule them out. Not only would you be doing yourself a great disservice by denying this type of heavenly visitation, you may also be blowing your shot for some yet undeveloped blessing.

I’m not saying to go about your day in fear of your fellow man being a possible host of the Supreme One, but rather go about your day in the hopes that they are! For too long man has let the fear of the fallen ones get to them; burning women and impaling cats as a gesture of their godliness and true devotion to good. What if we began seeing the opposite, the other 2/3 of heavenly beings all around us, conspiring to bestow great things to us if only we accepted? Not only would the world become more magical to us but we will become more magical to it as well. What message do your angels have for you today?



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