Catch and Release



As far as I know are still

Still bending towards the light…” MGMT

 We all fall short of the glory of the Divine. Not a majority, or a handful, or even 99.999999999% of humans on earth at this exact moment- EVERYONE. So, assuming you too fall into this category I have delicious news for your lonely ears: THIS FEELING of TENTATIVE FAILURE is not a by-product of your woes but rather a reflection of your prehistoric humanity. There is a reason creatures in all walks of life have the ability to shed skins, lose tails, trade flippers for flanges, etc., etc. Despite all of our various escapades to the dark side it is but a side and not the center of the matter which we are truly searching for. So, dear ones please try this when you feel the wants and needs of your heart will never be meant: go to the Source in thanks- not lamentations and pleas and confessions and doubts- just simple and gentle thanks. As our minds do, yours will do its best to distract from the core of this meditation but when it does patiently guide it back to thanks. You will be delighted and astonished at what occurs if you give it 24 hours.

The love that made you is written of as legend because it remains too great for scientists and scholars.


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