D’accord Cuckoo: ENGLISH 1. crazy; mentally unstable; expressing flighty and unsubstantiated notions or ideas 2. a clock with a bird Coucou: FRENCH 1. hello; hi 2. peek-a-boo 3.a cuckoo in a clock The French are on to something. Would you rather be crazy or say hello? Would you rather pour royal jelly from your lips or flatly flop your tongue? And would you rather sweat in the bitterness of unfruitful toil or lounge in the dappled rays of an ever-warming April Sun? The French savor the sweetness of their croissants and the breasts of oiled matriarchs long since perished. They are not fretful continually about work, or school, religion, or money, wars or salvation. Nop. The French know that life is to be lived and not endured. They know that earthly shackles (the 5 senses) are fickle friends so you damn well better use them to full capacity when you’ve got em’. Stuck-up? Some surely. But maybe most are just to enveloped in luxuries of life to bother impressing you with pompous regard and ostensible customs. Perhaps this reckless disregard for all but what is blooming and laced with perfume and gold, with gartered stockings and ruby lips is what led them to their hasty defeat by the Nazis in World War II. Perhaps… Or perhaps maybe they absorbed a sense of timelessness and peace in the bloodied cobblestones of the French Revolution.  You can take the Pope prisoner, but you’ll still crave win. So welcome Spring in with open arms and sing to your fellow heathens and heaven! Embrace the richness and outpouring all around you by adding to it; be it with paintbrushes, piano keys, or park benches perched, but do it now, today and let not the tenants and injustices of man impersonating God try to derail you from being everything gorgeous and sparkling-brite and experiencing the short-lived but long-suffered experience called life.

Sing little songbirds,

Atop the Branch  most divine,

And let your wings take rest

safe at home in your hallowed nest.


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