You Are Infinitely Loved and Eternally Forgiven

Each one of us is a light to be shone upon the world. Each one of us has a unique genetic structure, a unique footprint, and a unique story to share. Some stories may be marked with sadness or triumph, riches or rotten luck, soothsaying or salesmanship~ though most are fantastical mixes of many peaks and valleys. 

We are all brilliant balls of Most High just waiting to be infused with the divine truth and light.  We so easily and so often forget how easy it is to be overcome with excuses and self-persecuting accusations that insist we deserve nothing more than a black corner off in some lonely cosmic cornfield instead of continually bathed in His shimmering Presence. 

Let us all try to remind ourselves, and each other that the Supreme One and His glorious light is always about us. The oxygen branching about in our lungs right now is evidence of but one of the many blessings you and I have been given. So let us ask not what we’re doing wrong, or where we fell from grace (or at least not perpetually and obsessively) but let us ask what we can do as conscious and right-minded individuals to remove the barriers that try to convince us we’re separate from God and HIs infinite love and comfort. And although the world is full of ways to distract and disconnect from the Elohim, Adonai, the Eternal One we must also take responsibility and know that it is up to us- each and everyone- to seek Him, bringing to Him our flaws and faults, our sins and sorries. Not only has Christ promised to forgive us and to never leave or forsake us but by continually coming to the foot of the cross bearing whatever burdens we have and releasing them to Him the more overcome with His true nature we will be and the more His tender love and mercies will be allowed to dwell in our hearts.

For we must remember, God is perfect. Our silly racing minds and simplistic animal urges are not perfect. God know this and isn’t out to rub our noses in this. He merely wishes to help us in our human form so that we may be happy as he intended us to be. 


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