Although semantics may try to dissuade the weary-hearted into believing the power all lies within the mind, 

let us not forget that even basic anatomy disproves this notion. 


To evolve one must think, and feel, and drop down a mile-long pit or two along the way; hence strengthening their resolve to remain above ground. And although the mind must be kept vigilant, responsive, and certainly well-trained it is the heart that actually



So, knowing this we must take careful attention to not grow weary and blacker and mustier within- MOST IMPORTANTLY WHEN

we are at that very moment amidst the confinements of cold cobblestone that line the inevitable falls/collapses/cave-ins, etc.


The best teacher I ever had told me once how important bullshit is. After all it does make things grow. So let us all do our best to give our hearts a little more love so we can in turn feel and produce and feel more. 

And when things seem bleakest it is the most dire time to go within these magical ruby chambers of unrest and limitlessness to find redemption, restitution, and real progress.

I myself had a dramatic reminder of the importance of just basic heart maintenance and energy work. I picked a few brief guided meditations on opening the heart and felt immense inner and outer magic rekindling. 

So, let our bumpers no longer wage silent wars over such things as evolution and God.

If one cannot grasp the totality of the two concepts one should be spending less time decorating their car’s bums and more time healing the heart so that their mind is free to be at peace!




























































































after all it makes things grow.


Though I wonder if the seeds of the most bountiful gardens cringe covered with the shit.


I have to assume they do.




So please, 

All of you,


Them over there too..


Let us take strength from our burdens that 

surely writhe to relinquish the greatest blooms 

and talls. 




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